The Revolution is Not a Hashtag


Center for Women's Global Leadership

By Nebila Abdulmelik

We often try to find new, innovative and creative ways of organizing and mobilizing around pertinent issues such as sexual and gender based violence, insecurity and conflict. Various mediums have been utilized – and more recently, with greater frequency, we make use of new media to express our outrage, to garner solidarity across borders and across thematic silos, and to spur action by our policy makers. The #JusticeForLiz campaign was a prime example of the power of social media in garnering global media and public attention and subsequently getting duty bearers to act, although not as quickly or as comprehensively as we would have liked. Liz was a 16 year old who was gang-raped on her way home from her grand-father’s funeral. The police responded woefully. The online petition on Avaaz’s site which garnered close to two million signatures from across the globe was a testament to…

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FEMNET (The African Women's Development and Communication Network) is a pan African, feminist organisation working to advance the rights of women and girls in Africa. FEMNET has carved a niche in Informing and mobilizing African women in order for them to participate and influence policies and processes that affect their lives. FEMNET has hundreds of members in over 40 countries in Africa as well as in the diaspora. It has played a critical role in building the women's movement in Africa since inception in 1988.

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