Vulnerabilities and Challenges of Women in Conflict Situations and Their Role in Building Democratic Governance: some points of discussion


Gilles Landry Dossan

womens-dConsidering that most recent conflicts were actually civil wars, civilians pay the biggest price. The cost is even close to 90%, most of victims being women and children[1].  If conflicts have some serious consequences on communities as a whole, women and girls are more affected because of their social status and their gender. Rape, forced pregnancy or sterilization and sexual slavery were often used in several countries as war weapons.

It is therefore important to protect women and girls during wars and conflict. But, to draw a long term strategy, it is important to think of strategies to include women and girls in preventing and resolving conflicts. Considering their important roles in African communities, we need to address the specific roles to be played by women in building democratic governance on the Continent.   

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FEMNET (The African Women's Development and Communication Network) is a pan African, feminist organisation working to advance the rights of women and girls in Africa. FEMNET has carved a niche in Informing and mobilizing African women in order for them to participate and influence policies and processes that affect their lives. FEMNET has hundreds of members in over 40 countries in Africa as well as in the diaspora. It has played a critical role in building the women's movement in Africa since inception in 1988.

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