Tribute to HE Hajiya Nana Kashim Shettima on Mother’s Day


By Hafsat Mohammed Baba

On this special day mothers and motherhood is celebrated all over the world. Women are the pillar and the strength of the family, an embodiment of love. Mothers are always protective of their children and have been blessed with enormous energy to shoulder responsibility and tasks in the home, office, market and solve problems as they arise. A mother can forfeit all pleasures and sacrifice all enjoyment for the sake of her family, that is why when crisis occur the first thing a woman thinks of is her children and she will try her very best to give maximum protection to her family most especially the children. Let me bring back our memory to some years back, where that famous newscaster on news line every Sunday in his opening statement always asks Nigerians DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE? I always wondered what he meant and why it became the opening remarks before the news at that time, but after many years I have analyzed and seen the sense in it. With the abduction of the Chibok school children entering its fourth week, the parents of these girls will be asking the Government of their dear country WHERE ARE OUR CHILDREN? How can you help rescue them and #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS.

I personally want to dedicate this day to all the mothers and Her Excellency Hajiya Nana Kashim Shettima, wife of the Executive Governor of Borno State because of their struggle and the trying times they are going through. Out of the 36 Governor’s wives I believe she has been the most traumatized, upset, angry, frustrated and pained with the situation she found herself as the First Lady of a troubled and insecure state. Even though I know her faith and strength comes from God, it also comes from her family and the good people of Borno state most especially the women and children. For the last three years I don’t think the First Lady has seen peace in her home state, it has been either a bomb blast, assassination, or migration and worst of all kidnapping of innocent children.

The recent happening in Chibok, Borno state is the height of all trouble, if what has been happening for the past three years has not been told, the story not heard, today the whole world is talking about that small town Chibok where more than 200 girls have been abducted and separated from their loved ones.

The agony, heartache, frustrations and pains the parents of these children are going through cannot be quantified and I’m sure as a mother and a leader you share these with the women and children in your state. As today being Mother’s Day I celebrate and dedicate this special day to all of these mothers and to the woman who has gathered strength to sacrifice herself for her state. Who has known no peace, but courageously tries to uplift the spirit of her people in little ways that she can. She lives everyday seeking ways to execute her plans as a First Lady even though it has been tough for the past three years. We can’t be able to imagine what she must be going through as a mother of the state, her grief in the kidnapping of these innocent lives. As an ardent listener of VOA and BBC Hausa service I have heard you cry every time you are addressing the women of your state, expressing your love, support and concern in the hard and troubled times. I know you are always keen on implementing your pet project like any First Lady in Nigeria. I believe yours may be facing difficulty because of the circumstances and challenges you are facing. Let me use this special day to encourage you and to let you know that you should not relent in your effort to continue the good work no matter how bad the situation may be.

Mothers all over the world are sending messages of comfort, prayers and encouraging statement because they share your pains.

Hafsat Mohammed Baba is a Nigerian politician and an activist with Global Initiative for Women and Children which caters to the vulnerable and less privileged in the society. Connect with her


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