Justice For Liz


BusiaRapeOn the International Day of the Girl, we ask you to join us in demanding justice for Liz, a 16 year old girl who was beaten and gang-raped on her way home from her grandfather’s funeral and dumped in a pit latrine in Busia, Kenya. She is now wheelchair bound with a broken spine and has the worst case of fistula. She recognized her rapists and identified them to the police. Police arrested perpetrators only to have them slash grass as ‘punishment’ after which they were released.

Please sign and circulate widely the petition demanding an immediate arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators as well as disciplinary action on the police officers who failed to handle their duties to serve and protect. We must not allow impunity to reign and women and girl’s bodies to continue to be battlefields. No more violence. No more impunity. Justice Now!

Engage in the online conversations – #BusiaRape #JusticeForLiz. Let’s make lots of noise – too deafening for the powers that be to ignore.

Donations can be sent to MPesa Paybill 500944 to help meet Liz’s hospital bills.

For more information –

COVAW Statement – Call for Immediate Arrest and Prosecution of Busia Gang
Kenyans accuse police of ignoring gang rape


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  3. Hello, I’ve been utterly outraged by this horrific incident against “Liz.” As a former United States Parole and Probation Officer having supervised sex offenders for nearly 10 years, this is the ULTIMATE injustice for this precious girl. I’ve signed petitions on this issue, have forwarded information all over my Facebook and Twitter pages and even emailed the Inspector General directly in Kenya. As an expat, world traveler and former resident of Africa, I want to do anything to bring these savages to justice for Liz. Please let me know what more I can do.

    I also wish to donate to Liz and her family. Admittedly, I don’t understand this MPesa Paybill 500944; will you explain this code to me so I can make this donation happen? Is this a PayPal code or a code through your organization? Thank you for assisting me. All the best for your honorable efforts. Sending my love and prayers. Laurie


    • Thanks so much Laurie. Sincere apologies for the very delayed response. I don’t believe an international appeal for donations was launched – so the Mpesa Paybill is only for those who can access Mpesa – mainly those in Kenya and some surrounding East African countries. Thank you for showing solidarity and support.


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