Africa Calling : Africa We Want


As you may perhaps know, the global consultations on “the world we want” have been going on for quite sometime now. Africa on its part has been trying to open up spaces for participation so that our views will inform the next development Agenda.

An Africawide CSO consultation is currently underway in Liberia, with the women’s dialogue coming to an end today.

The larger CSO meeting starts soon afterwards, ending on October 25, 2012.

Many of us have been unable to travel to Liberia but can still contribute through:

Twitter: @africapost2015 and hashtag: #africawewant

Facebook  and do like the page!


Please spend some time in giving feedback and contribute on the following questions posed at the Africawide CSO Consultations:

1)    How do we ensure that all people, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized, have the food, water, energy, health care and education they need?

2)    What policies and practices best promote equitable empowerment of the poor and marginalized to ensure an adequate standard of living?

3)    How can employment be meaningfully approached in Africa?

4)    What have we learned from existing Millennium Development Goals and what should be added/updated/modified, or is a different approach needed?

You can also submit your responses directly at the World We Want Post 2015 Site.

Let’s amplify our voices in defining the Africa We Want. Let the next development framework be an image of our voices from the ground up, not the other way round! 

Spread the word! Africa is Calling!

See you Online!


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  1. Small women farmer willingness and ability-to-pay for technologies or innovations are not well understood across regions. In some cases, the value proposition of women farmers “saving time” as a result of purchasing a labor-saving innovation is not a priority for male decision makers in the household.Even desiscion making men.


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