One on One: Rosie Motene


Rosie is an acclaimed South African actress, TV/film producer and philanthropist.She was among the climbers of Mt. Kilimanjaro from March 5th-9th as part of the Africa UNiTE Campaign to end violence against women and girls. She shared her thoughts after the climb with Nebila Abdulmelik.

Initial Thoughts?
It was tough but rewarding. An amalgamation of emotions. I didn’t conquer it, but I went as far as my body could take and came back with a lot, including friendship.

Lessons learnt?
Listen to your body. This climb demanded mind, body and soul. Spirituality gives you strength, there’s no doubt about that.

Message to fellow Africans?
We need to do this together, one step at a time.

Message to Governments?
Step up! Look around, we’re not going anywhere!


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  1. Yes! climbing a mountain like Kilimanjaro is really really tough! BUT doing it together is very rewarding. Our women in Africa today, are making us proud and we hope to do better by promoting women’s rights and development in African through networking, advocacy and capacity building.

    Surely, we will keep on keeping on!!! God bless all those who made this Africa Unite Campaign possible!!!


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